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My boy is demanding a lot for mobile and iPad is it a good way to teach him through iPad ?

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Ye Biyin answered:

My son learnt phonics from my iPhone since 2 years old. His English teacher was surprised by his good phonic foundation and could not believe that he had never attended any English enrichment class.

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Low Yen Chew answered:

Its ok to let them use the ipad once in a while...but limit the usage n make sure they dont strain their eyes... I allowed my girl to watch barney n dora on ipad...she learnt a lot from putting on the safety belt when in the car We also try our best to bring her outdoors n exposed her to various things...a trip to NTUC is a fun learning for all of us

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Jessica Tan Way Lin answered:

Intially I was quite against it... but I try to limit the usage and download alot of educations apps... He learnt quite a lot of things from it... like shapes, colors, sentences, mandarin and etc...

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Felicia Goh Sim Huay answered:

Before I had a child, I shook my head when I saw parents giving ipad or iphone to their child to entertain them. Now as a parent, I feel that it's Godsend!!! I think that as long as they are not watching nonsense or gaming non-stop, I feel that it's ok. Especially when we need to dine in peace outisde. I also find it's the child's character. Some kids are milder, so whatever the parents say, they will obey. My girl is not. so she won't listen to me.

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Sonia Yong Sui Fun answered:

The only thing to make my son sit quietly is the ipad while I can do my housework. He learnt his numbers & ABC from the ipad. And learnt to sing a number of nursery song.

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Joy Tang Sok Mun answered:

I also tend to succumb to distraction using iphone.. but I also try to get her to play with other toys too when I'm not occupied. Kids like new things, so if they see an interesting toy, they'll soon forget about the iphone for awhile. The device can be full of useful apps but in the end, it's still just one way of learning.

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Michelle Ashleigh Wan Yen Ting answered:

I used to frown upon it and was very hesitant initially but I too, have succumbed! So that we can at least have some peace and quiet for meals and housework, etc. Fortunately he limits the use of the iPad himself and gets bored with it after awhile.

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Angeline Li answered:

I used to gv iPad When My girl boring When we outside. But recently gt few news abt iPad or smartphone spoil the kid's eye. I stop her frm usingit.






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