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Is Milk Still Important For My Toddler?

Milk is still an important part of your growing toddler’s diet. Although they'll now probably be eating three meals a day, milk still has lots of important nutrients essential to support their growth and development. As a guideline, they'll need a minimum of 350 ml (just over half a pint) of milk, divided into drinks, cereal and cooking, on top of the other dairy products they eat each day. The maximum they should have is 600ml (just over a pint), so they don’t fill up too much.

Growing Up Milk Formula is nutritionally superior to cows’ milk. It is enriched with vitamin D and iron. It is suitable from 12 months to 3 years to complement your toddler's diet.

Tips to get milk into your toddler’s diet

Lots of toddlers go through a fussy-eating phase, especially when it comes to milk. But as a mum, you have permission to be sneaky! Here are some ideas to get milk and dairy into your toddler’s diet:

  • Add some milkshake mix to milk and call it 'strawberry juice'.
  • Give them a change of beaker or an exciting cup to use especially for milk to make it fun.
  • Try changing the way they have their milk – if your toddler usually has cold milk, try warming it up or vice versa.
  • Use warm milk as part of their bedtime routine. Sit together as part of your quiet time before bed – your toddler with a cup of warm milk and you with a cup of tea.
  • Offer a milky but tempting bowl of cereal and cereal or try porridge to start their day.
  • Use other foods which you’ve added milk to, like mashed potato, pancakes or custard.

Use other dairy foods

  • Use cheese – try a cheese sauce on top of vegetables, as a sauce for pasta like macaroni cheese or a cheese sandwich
  • Try a healthy yogurt as a snack
  • Give your toddler dairy for dessert; offer frozen yogurt, ice cream, rice pudding or semolina.

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