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How To Take Care Of Baby's Skin Folds?

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Arora Valley answered:

"Baby skin care should begin from the bathing of the baby, to proper cleaning especially of the skin folds and diaper area. Because their skin is so sensitive to the environment around, you would have to be very careful about their skin care routine. You really need to ensure that you clean and dry all baby skin folds after bath. Those folds, such as behind the ears and in the creases of the neck need to dry out or they can retain moisture and cause skin problems. For treatment of the folds of skin on the feet, hands and neck, take a cotton ball soaked in water and few drops of olive oil to absorb and remove dirt or milk residue.Try to always wear cotton clothing for infants as cotton have pores and absorb moisture. Symptoms of eczema include skin that is scaly, irritated, and red. You need to keep skin clean and dry, and you'll probably want to discuss this with your pediatrician. Babies with eczema usually need to use products that are designed for sensitive skin. Use gentle soaps and detergents and apply moderate amounts of moisturizers. Although talcum powders are useful to absorb moisture during hot and humid weather and prevent maceration in skin folds, they are best avoided in the newborn period. Excessive use can also lead to blockade of sweat duct pores. Accidental inhalation is another potential hazard. So it's best to avoid using talcum powder on your infant. As the baby grow you can opt for mild, scent free talcum powder made specially to treat eczema prescribed by your doctor. "

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Liew Woei Kang answered:

"The skin folds can get red and inflamed from eczema. Common triggers include heat, sweat, saliva and milk. Treatment consist of regular moisturizers, to provide a barrier to skin irritation, and also to heal the dryness of the skin. I don't suggest talcum powder as it would dry the skin further. Sometimes topical anti-inflammatory creams may be necessary if the area is very excoriated. The advice is kept general and not a substitute for a consultation. Kindly consult your doctor or pediatrician as a detailed history and examination is important to come to a diagnosis and treatment plan. "

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Michelle answered:

"Agree.. also, try to keep baby cool, especially in this hot humid weather of singapore. If u really want to use talcum powder, i suggest to use those lotion-type "talcum powder", like Kodomo. It is much better than those powder form, which does not irritate the skin as much as powder. "

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Mixueer answered:

"I dont think its a good idea to use talcum powder. It tends to worsen the condition, and making eczema worse. Cos talcum powder is very drying on the skin. The best way to take care the skin folds is to clean with clean water, and dry it. The area more prone to prob is the skin fold in the neck, below the chin area. Cos when bb is drinking the milk, it will leak and flow to the neck area, and into the skin folds. Hence, it is very important to put a small hanky between the neck when feeding, and to clean the neck area and dry it after every feed. "

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