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Choosing The Right Baby Bath Products


Audrey Tan answered:

Soap-free products for bathing and showering are generally gentler on babies' skin and are aimed at reducing dryness that comes with using too much soap on the skin. If your baby has dry skin, choose a bath wash that is soap-free or that uses soap substitutes. Adults can use bath products directed mainly for use in babies and children, but not all adult products are suitable for use in babies and children

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Sonia Yong Sui Fun answered:

Me too had been using Johnson for many years . Recently saw in FB that Johnson product got problem. So to be safe. All are keep away.

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April Lim Peirong answered:

I have been using Johnson & Johnson products since my girl was born and has no issues with it. But recently changed to Baby Seba Med's Baby Bubble Bath and shampoo as she has sensitive skin as their products are 100% soap and alkali free. It's PH value of 5.5 supports the moisture balance of baby's skin, not only does it cleanse infant skin gently, it also safeguards baby skin from dryness. More costly compared to Johnson & Johnson or Kodomo products but it is worth the investment.

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Kara Png answered:

Same as April, my baby girl has been using J&J since birth. However, her neck, underarm & those creases areas are red & rough hence I switch to Seba Med. I've yet to see any improvement. Most likely to switch back to J&J after I finish this bottle of Seba Med.

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Pauline Sim Puay Hiang answered:

I believe it is true. I am very health conscience. I avoid products which contain harsh ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate, phthalates, parabens or synthetic fragrances. I uses more natural alternatives like CALIFORIA BABY cos it is more skin friendly. Available in watsons, u may want to check it out but it is more costly.

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Sharon Chew Pei Juin answered:

My boy had eczema and I had 2 nurse friends who told me Johnson & Johnson are the most drying for babies. They advised me that even Kodomo would be better. We also use California Baby but it can be quite costly for long term use. We are currently using Lactacyd cos his skin is sensitive.

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Jane Ng Shi Yong answered:

I been using baby seba med for bath and shampoo. I believe is more mild. As for after bath powder/lotion, I been using Kokomo. Smells good and my baby skin is smooth. For face cream I used baby seba med. For redness on skin I use buds baby. Buds baby is a really really good product btw but ex. Hope these helps.

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