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My friend has a 2-month old baby and she recently cries for long periods at a time. The parents are at their wits' end. Any advice, mummies?



Roxanne answered:

"There are various reasons why babies cries uncontrollably for a period of times. Usually the first thing a parent probably will think of is baby's hunger. If the reason for hunger is ruled out, check on her diapers. Sometimes it could be she is sleepy and what she needs is cuddle and pat to sleep. Babies need a lot of cuddling. They like to see their parents' faces, hear their voices, and listen to their heartbeats, and can even detect their unique smell. Crying can be their way of asking to be held close. Playing soothing and familiar music is also a way to calm the baby down. If your friend do observe her baby crying inconsolably after each milk feed and curled up like a ball, that could be a sign of tummy pain due to gasses. There are a number of over the counter anti-gas drops for babies or gripe water (made from herbs and sodium bicarbonate). Get your doctor's advice before using either of these. Otherwise, she could massage some medicated oil such as Ru Yi Yu or eucalyptus oil on her tummy frequently to help relieve the gas. Frequent exercise on baby's legs could also help alleviate the gas. If it happens during her sleep time, do check if she is having some difficulty with her breathing due to nose block from dried mucus. If it does, this could make baby feels uncomfortable too. She may try using over the counter nose drops or saline water to help relieve the blockage but get her to seek doctor's advice before using it on baby. She may even try using humidifier to moisten the room which could help clear the blockage from her nose."


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Sonia Yong Sui Fun answered:

"It might be colic. Try applying Ru Yi Yu. Give gripe water. If cry still continue, do consult PD."


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Raine tey answered:

"She may have colic, if baby crying more than three hours around e same time of e day n more than three days a week u should bring baby to docto,r or hungry as two month old should be able to drink 120ml to 150ml of milk, if u r carrying baby u can try to tell e baby that u r putting he or she back to bed as sometimes they will think that their still in ur hugs n get shock..."


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April Lim Peirong answered:

"Could it be due to growing spurts? Have they tried feeding the baby? Or could it be baby need comfort especially mummy. There are times my girl will cry and nobody can stop her from crying except me."

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