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Is Alkaline Water Safe For Babies & Toddlers?



Arora Valley answered:

Alkaline water is water that has been ionized, or manipulated to have a higher pH level. Experts discourage children from drinking alkaline water and recommends normal tap water as the safest option, since there is no scientific research to determine the long-term effects alkaline water may have on your child's health or the health of your family. Boiling tap water is very important in many parts of the world, especially developing countries that do not have safe water supplies. According to PUB, Singapore’s tap water is well within the World Health Organisation's drinking water guidelines, and is suitable for drinking without any further filtration or boiling. If you're using clean water like in Singapore, you may or may not boil it -- it won't affect your baby's health. However, boiling water is the most effective method to kill bacteria and viruses. If you do decide to boil the water for your baby , the FDA recommends that you "bring it to a very bubbly boil. Keep boiling it for a minute or two, then let it cool." Once it has cooled, you will be ready to drink

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Dewi Pandi answered:

Yes, I also still boil the water after the filtering. As for the device that I am using, you can choose the level of alkaline water you'd like, so if u need to boil the alkaline water, the sales told me, that i should choose the higher level (level 4 for my device). Just to be on the safe side, as baby's /toddler's tummy and immune system is not as strong as us, adult.

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Jovial Tan Lizhen answered:

For me, I think its still better to boil the water for baby/toddler to drink.


Liew Woei Kang answered:

There is no good scientific evidence for the benefits of drinking alkaline water in human health and diseases. Thus I do not suggest giving it to toddlers or children. The advice is kept general and not a substitute for a consultation. Kindly consult your doctor or pediatrician as a detailed history and examination is important to come to a diagnosis and treatment plan.
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