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4 Reasons Why New Mothers Should Join a Support Group

When a child is born, so is a mother. Being a new mum can be both an exhilarating and scary time as you adapt to your newfound identity as a mother and the caretaker to a precious new life. However, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Although the presence of family and your trusted doctors are never too far away, sometimes it may be comforting to have the company of someone who’s also going through the same journey at the same time. In this modern age, distance is no longer a restriction as there are plenty of social media groups and online forums for mothers to connect over. Still sceptical about joining a mother’s support group? Here are four reasons why you should take the leap as you kickstart your motherhood journey.

Making the connection

Joining a support group helps you extend your network beyond existing family and friends, perhaps even leading to long-term friendships with other mothers.1 As your child grows, these friendships may blossom into beautiful relationships for the whole family too. For example, you may be able to arrange playdates for your child with other children from your support group once they reach the age where they’re ready to learn how to socialise with others

A listening ear

Motherhood can be an overwhelming experience, especially for first-time mums. However, you don’t have to go through it alone when you have a support group rallying behind you every step of the way. Studies have shown that social support is essential for coping with stress in general, hence it makes sense to extend the same social support to mothers, particularly new mothers who are still grappling with the changes in their lives.2 Having an outlet to vent your stress and find comfort helps to boost self-esteem and improves mental well-being, thus allowing you to better care for your child as a happy mama results in a happy kid who is more well-adjusted mentally and socially.2 3 Support groups can be a place to share your struggles and fears with other mums and a group consisting of mothers from various backgrounds will ensure a wealth of experience, support and insight are readily available.1

Some individuals may be more experienced with motherhood and as such may be able to provide practical and sound advice for whatever situation you’re facing. Although their advice may not replace professional medical opinions, it’s still a great place to start with should there be other concerns regarding non-medical issues such as sleep training or even your feelings about being a new mum. As everyone in the support group is likely already a mum or mum-to-be, you’re likelier to find an attentive ear to whom you can pour out your heart and mind.

Mum’s day out

Being a mum can be exhausting, but you shouldn’t let this lead to burnout. As much as your little one brings a smile to your face, there are bound to be days when mama feels the need for a little me-time for a change and that’s perfectly reasonable. A good way to destress and regroup is to take a break and bond with adult friends for a change. Heading out and organising fun activities with fellow support group mums is a wonderful way to recharge and sneak a much-needed mental break. Plan a stress-free girl’s day out with your new support group buddies and let the dads take over for the day instead!

Growing together

A support group can be a source of insight and information, be it mother or child care concerns.4 As your child grows, you may need opinions on different subjects such as finding reliable paediatricians in your neighbourhood, educational toys and products or even sharing knowledge on the milk formulas brands in the market such as Dumex.

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