Dumex Dugro® Growing Up Milk Stage 3

Formula Milk for children aged 1–3 years | 700g, 1.6kg

Dumex Dugro Growing Up Milk Stage 3


Dumex Dugro® Growing Up Milk Stage 3 is a Sucrose-free and Healthier Choice growing up milk that contains 360° Nutrition™, a combination of important nutrients to support your child's all-rounded growth and development


Dads & Mums, do you know?

Singapore Dumex Dugro has higher nutrients*
compared to the other country for your little one's growth and development.


Product Information


Contains DHA, Omega 3 & 6


• Contributes to normal cognitive function/development


Vitamin C:

•  Contributes to normal functioning of the immune system


•  Necessary for normal immune system function



•  Helps support development of strong bones and teeth

Vitamin D:

•  Helps support calcium absorption and improves bone strength


Dietary Fibre:

•  Inulin is a type of dietary fibre

Safety Recommendation


Step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing the feed.


Step 2

Add 5 level scoops (44g) of Dumex Dugro® Growing Up Milk Stage 3 milk powder to one glass (190ml) of boiled lukewarm (40°C) water.


Step 3

Stir well before drinking.

We recommend 3 servings of Dumex Dugro® Growing Up Milk Stage 3 per day.

See What Mums Say


"I choose Dumex Dugro because it has higher calcium and is sucrose-free!"

Joanna Tan


“Dumex Dugro has the comprehensive nutrients needed and contains DHA and Calcium. The price is also the most value saver compared to other brands.”

Loh Yun Lu


Dumex Dugro, rich in nutrients and sucrose-free, supports my children growth and development."

Hafiza Abdol Rahman

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• Sucrose Free

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